Committed to Service, Safety & Security‚Äč

Our security officers are trained by State Licensed Security Instructors at The Blue Ribbon Security Training Academy. We've developed this training school to ensure that our personnel are properly trained with the applicable rules and laws that pertain to their jobs as well as the BRP Standard Operating Procedures. Officers are then trained by our supervisors and instructors as to the particular client's rules and procedures that they are assigned to. Throughout the contract term, officers are given additional on the job training. This is all in effort to provide consistent services on a regular basis for each client. 

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Blue ribbon security training academy

Blue Ribbon Protection is a fully licensed, fully insured security provider that is "Committed to Service, Safety and Security." We cover the full spectrum of security, from unarmed watchmen securing your lobby or building entrance to personal protection officers securing executives and exclusive clientele. BRP offers an extensive list of professional security solutions that are sure to enhance the safety and security of any environment. We are focused on the dynamics of security and strive to consistently deliver high levels of customer service on a daily basis. Our officers are neat, professional, courteous and properly trained to meet and exceed your expectations. contact us today and see why winners get blue ribbons!

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